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April 28 2017

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April 27 2017

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Nikt nie jest bardziej obcy niż osoba, którą kiedyś kochaliśmy.
— Tony Parsons
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take a lover
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Do you ever pause and ask yourself: “What am I doing right now?”
Our attention to the present moment of awareness is constantly being hijacked by technology, other people, and our ego. Imagine yourself in your room looking at a computer, staring at your phone, numbly locked on a television. Now imagine your body in that situation, doing the exact same thing, and remove the distraction. What a mummy we’ll find: A hungry soul suckling digital milk from the glass nipple of technology.
The constant absorption of input causes anxiety and a distance from one’s own mind. There’s so much internal space, time and beauty to be found in the present moment of awareness. If we spend all of our time distracted by the fuzzing chatter of the external world, we can’t experience the richness of now.
Technology isn’t bad of course. It’s incredible. It’s one of the most mind-bending things that has emerged from us humans. It’s so good in fact that we can’t put it down. It’s all a matter of balance. A glass of wine with dinner enhances the meal, but two bottles makes us ill.
Give yourself a break a few times a day and ask yourself: “What am I doing right now?”
When you break free from the noise, it’s like pulling your head from under water. Lift you head up and breathe now and then. Gift yourself: Take 10 breaths in and out without distraction. This will help keep scar tissue from growing over the plug that connects us to the matrix.
— Cory Allen
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motivation sun
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